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24th Mississippi Infantry, Companies G & H

The rosters of the 24th Mississippi were transcribed by Lynne Hicks. They are not complete. If you have names to add to these rosters, please let me know.

Company G Company H
Adams, William Adams, G.W.
Alexander, Samuel Alexander, J.A.
Anderson, Volney H. Allen, M.
Auter, Charles G. Ashbey, J.C.
Bailey, Thomas J. Ashbey, William H.
Barbour, George W. Ashbey, David J.
Barlin, Daniel Aston, William H.
Barnes, Edward Baird, Simon A.
Bennet, W. Barr, H.W.
Bennett, Henry Bean, George W.
Bennett, James Bill, John H.
Bennett, Samuel Boucher, Joshua O.
Bennett, Thomas Boucher, Richard A.
Billingsley, James Bowen, W.J.
Blue, John C. Brown, Winfield S.F.
Bond, Henry Buchanan, Andrew J.
Bryant, Robert Buchanan, Aumon P.
Burns, Sambo Buchanan, John B.
Burroughs, Dent Buchanan, J.W.
Caddy, George Buchanan, William M.
Campbell, John Burks, Lemuel M.
Campbell, Thomas Busby, J.S.
Carrell, Edwin R. Calloway, James H.
Carrell, J. Calvin, John W.
Carroll, Henry Canipe, Lawson
Carroll, W.B. Carlisle, John N.
Cashell, William Carlisle, William M.
Cassell, D. Carruth, W.P.
Cathell, John Carter, Robert
Chism, George B. Castles, Brown T.
Connelly, Matt Castles, James A.
Cooley, Madison J. Castles, Joseph H.
Cotter, Michael Chuk, William
Countryman, Columbus Couch, Thomas B.
Countryman, James Couch, William D.
Countryman, John Dancy, H.S.
Countryman, Robert Davenport, Pleasant B.
Countryman, S. Dehoff, U.S.
Countryman, William Eadins, W.L.
Cowan, Charles East, Joseph R.
Cunningham, Simon A. Estes, E. T.
Davis, Robert H. Estus, Amos A.
Deisimen, John Estus, John
Doland, Patrick Fall, J. T.
Donnell, John Ferrill, Z.C
Dowling, James Foster, James T.
Dupont, Louis J. Fowler, S.F.
Edwards, Chafin Galloway, George W.
Edwards, Silas Garth, J. T.
Emmerson, Julius Gilbert, W.C.
Evans, Francis Gill, William L.
Fatheree, Obediah C. Gilliam, Benjamin F.
Ferguson, John Gilliam, Theodore H.
Flynn, Jeffries Goodwin, Adran D.
Flynn, Terrence Goza, Henry K.
Foley, Pat Graham, T.R.
Foster, C.W. Gray, Lod D.
Franks, S.A. Gray, L. P.
Frawley, Patrick Hall, Samuel T.
Fredericd, Louis J. Hardin, John C.
Fretwell, John Hardy, Joseph R.
Fretwell, Sim Harrell, N. J.
Futrell, W.J. Hebron, D.H.
Gorman, John Henley, Edmond J.
Green, John Henley, E.N.
Green, T.J. Henley, George P.
Groth, Henry Henry, R.S.
Hall, Abram C. Huddleston, J.C.
Harris, Seivel Huddleston, William J.
Harrison, W.H. Huffman, Andrew H.
Harroll, Charles F. Huffman, George P.
Hawkins, Charles R. Huffman, John F.
Hearn, Joshua C. Huffman, Michael M.
Hennessee, John Hughes, Pinckney
Henry, John Humphres, James R.
Hogan, John Humphries, Jr., John D.
Holly, Philip Humphries, Sr., John D.
Holt, Jr., John Irwin, W.C.
Holt, St., John Jeffries, J.B.
Hunt, John Jones, John S.
Iseman, John Jones, T.M.
Jesse, James Kirby, Edward K.
Johnson, Samuel Langham, John
Jones, Malon Latham, Samuel
Jordan, Frederick Lewis, Chesly
Jordan, James Lewis, George R.
Long, John Lewis, William L.
Lott, Absalom J. Loyed, Martin H.
Lott, William A. McBride, J.O.
Madden, James McCay, William M.
Madden, Mike McFerrin, Isaac
Marble, Alfred McFerrin, James
Mathews, David McFerrin, John
Mathews, Isaac McIntosh, Benjamin F.
Mays, Robert L. McIntosh, James B.
McCullum, James L. McIntosh, James R.
McDermott, Thomas McIntosh, John A.
McDonald, Archibald McIntosh, William G.
McIntyre, Michael McKinnon, Andrew
McLaurin, James C. McKinnon, Hector
Mitchel, Joseph McKinnon, James B.
Mitchell, John F. McMillin, J.J.
Montgomery, Alexander B. McNamee, John W.
Murphy, Dennis McNamee, Thomas W.
Murphy, Henry Middlebrooks, Robert T.
Murphy, Moses Mirze, James
Myers, Henry Misskeeley, W.N.
O’Malley, Mike Mixon, Francis M.
Most of these men were from Vicksburg, MS. Mixon, Isaac I.
  Mixon, John
  Mixon, Thomas L.
Walker, Hugh Martin  is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Chickasaw Co., MS.  His tombstone says "24th Miss. Inf. Co. H"  Mixon, William D.
  Moody, Frank
  Moody, I.T.
  Moody, John H.
  Moody, M.H.
  Morgan, Wesley D.
  Mosley, W.T.
  Newby, J.E.
  Most of these men were from Buena Vista, MS.


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