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43rd Mississippi Infantry, Co. K, Page 2

 "Kemper Fencibles"

The 43rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, CSA, was also known as "Mooreís Regiment," "Harrisonís Regiment," "the Camel Regiment," and "the Bloody Forty-third."

Organized 15 May 1862. The 43rd Mississippi Infantry saw service at Iuka, fought at 2nd Corinth, resisted Grantís Central Mississippi Railroad Campaign, repulsed Sherman at 2nd Chickasaw Bayou, served in Deer Creek Expedition (Poundís detachment), nobly endured the Siege of Vicksburg, fought at the Siege of Jackson (Poundís detachment), campaigned at Chickamauga (Poundís detachment), helped turn back Sooy Smithís Meridian Expedition, fought in the 100 Dayís Battles all the way from Resaca to Atlanta, endured the Siege of Atlanta, skirmished at Decatur, made a famous charge on Franklinís bloody fields of glory, was shattered at Nashville, but, undaunted, rose from the ashes to fight again at Kinston and, finally, took part in the last great Confederate charge at Bentonville.

The pages you now hold bear the hallowed names of the noble, courageous Sons of the South who did these mighty deeds of valor. Cherish their memory. Laud their bravery. Celebrate their Heritage of Honor.

"Though men deserve, they may not win success; the brave will honor the brave, vanquished nonetheless."

Deo Vindice

("God Vindicates")

Company K

"Kemper Fencibles"

DeKalb, Kemper County

11 May 1862

Captain William Augustus "Gus" Love

1st Lieutenant/Acting Captain Henry James "H.J." Gully

2nd Lieutenant Robert Adcock

2nd Lieutenant Robert C. Farrar

2nd Lieutenant Samuel Kittrell Gully

Orderly/1st Sergeant Benjamin L. Lampley

1st Sergeant John C. Whitten

2nd Sergeant Adam Calvert

2nd Sergeant W.A. "Dock" Houston

3rd Sergeant William O. Pettus

4th Sergeant William S. Callaway

4th Sergeant John E. Chisolm

4th Sergeant John C. Lovelady

Sergeant H.C. Smith

1st Corporal J. Mark Harden

2nd Corporal Alexander T. Dixon

2nd Corporal Silas B. "Cy" Forrester

2nd Corporal David J. Greenlees

2nd Corporal Joseph E. Stewart

2nd Corporal William Henry Thomas

2nd Corporal Jerry M. Watkins

4th Corporal John A. "Sandy" Holton

Corporal Willis C. Watkins


Isaac Jack Abercrombie

B.J. Alday

Samuel Alday

Calvin M. "Cal" Atwood

William R. Bethany

James Rufus Bounds

William H. Bounds

Joseph B. Burnett

C.A. Calloway

James M. Cannon

John Carter

L. Marbury Chisolm

Robert H. Clark

William Clark

Thomas J. Creekmore

John J. Davis

Thomas Edward (Edwin?) Davis

A.W. Dollar

John W. Drake

J. Benson Ellis

William H. Fielder

S.K. Floyd

Allen Fore

William Fortenberry

Alfred Fulton

M. Hampton "Ham" Goodson

Benjamin J. Gordon

D.C. Gray

John M. Griggins

George F.(T.?) Hailey

Ira C. Hailey

John Hailey

William A. Hall

David Hamaker (or Haymaker)

A.C. Hamilton

Augustus C. Hammack (or Hammock)

John C. Hammack (or Hammock)

John P. Harbour

William C. Harbour

John C. Harden

John C. Hardy

Aaron Haskins

James A. Hopper

John D.M. Hopper

Henry King Houston

Andrew Jackson

Martin Jackson

Claborne F. "Clabe" Johnson

Robert W. Johnson

H.C.D. Stang [sic] Jones

H.L. Jones

Calvin Jordan

John Kellis

Amos King

Hudson Powell Lipscomb

Henry Loftin

Thomas Loftin

Jesse A. Lovelady

John William Madison

Charles W. Mars

George W. Mars

Robert A. Mars

Hiram McArthur

Archibald McBride

Allen McCrory

James McCrory

John McCrory

Robert McCrory

L. James McNeil

James Miller

E.G. Morton

John B. Murphy

Stephen Neal

James J. Oden

William J. Overstreet

Andrew H.H. Peden

William Robert(?) Peden

James M. Perry

John W. Pickett

John W. Pitts

William C. Poole

Henry R. Richardson

George W. Richardson

Hugh B. Richardson

Oliver "Ol" Richardson

George W. Robertson

H. Saunders

Elisha Sellars

James Shepherd

George W. Skinner

D.H. Smith

Dick Smith

Felix S. Smith

Felix M. Smith

Jasper Newt Smith

William C. Smith

John Strange

Wilson A. "Wils" Swearingen

John Waits

[first name not stated] Walls

Ken M. Watkins

James D.H. Weir

William Wells

Hirham Wether

Alfred M. White

N.M. White

William D. White

Eli H. Whitten

James E. Whittle

H. Wilkins

John F. Williamson

E. Bird Wilson

William Wilson

Samuel S. Windham

John H. Young

Samuel Young


Wiley Claiborne (alias Willy Cannon)

Eli (or Ely) Lampley

Note: If you have manuscript, photographic, newspaper, oral tradition, or other unpublished information regarding the 43rd MS Infantry or any of its soldiers, please contact Jim Huffman  or at 1230 Stemwood Drive, Picayune, MS 39466. (601) 798-8208. This material is needed for a true regimental history of the 43rd. Please visit our 43rd MS Infantry website at www.43rdmississippi.homestead.com/index.html . Please visit the Sons of Confederate Veterans homepage at www.scv.org  and the MS Division SCV webpage at www.mississippiscv.org .


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